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Our entire staff is eligible to be contacted through e-mail for those who wish to use this system.
We will be checking it at least once a day and we are also able to do it from our homes; please don’t expect an instant reply. 

Phone calls and notes are still valid and should be used:  absentee excuse, important messages, request for riding an alternate bus, lunch matters, etc.


Mrs. Theresa Burba

Mrs. Pauline Horvath
Principal’s Secretary

Mrs. Marlena Onkst
Secretary and Lunch Supervisor

Middle School 5-8

Mrs. Laurie Kelly
8th Grade

Mrs. Ashley Miller
7th Grade

Mrs. Nancy McMullen
6th Grade

Mrs. Kimberly Zedack
5th Grade

Elementary School PK-4

Mrs. Kate Kosh
4th Grade

Mrs. Jamie Sherry
3rd Grade

Miss Elizabeth Kline
2nd Grade

Mrs. Katelynn Valeria
1st Grade

Mrs. Tanya Cramer

Mrs. Michelle Fleming

Mr. Bradley Scherden
Music Education

Mr. Tyler Hrubochak
Computer and Physical Education


Mr. Ed Haycisak

IMPORTANT – Information for Prospective Employees

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