Catholic Education…

“Catholic schools have a fantastic history in all continents.  They are even more necessary today, when we consider the manifold crises that education is currently going through.  Therefore, we need Catholic schools that turn globalization toward a spirit of solidarity, of real help for the needy, of respect toward every culture….Only globalization realized on such a basis will truly build up the good of all humanity.  Yes, we need Catholic schools!”

-Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski
Prefect, Congregation for Catholic Education


Northern Cambria Catholic School joined together with their Faith Families to learn about the Life of Pope St. John Paul II. They learned about how his life was exemplary of the R for Respect in our RICH in Christ lessons.

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4th grade became microbiologists. They made “blood” using regular food items and learned about different blood cells. They then worked together to create nanobots to travel through the body. Their creations had to be less than the size of a quarter, be waterproof, and have a “camera”.

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Thank you Nicktown Fire Company!